Bergenfield Education Association

Signing Up for Updates

By signing up for updates it will help you become more aware about what is going on in our association.  Signing up is very easy and only takes a few seconds.  Follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the box on the right side of this page that says Subscribe Here for Updates
  2. Enter your PERSONAL email address in the box and press the subscribe button below (please only use your personal email and NOT your address.  This is requested in order to avoid issues with having our content on a system that the BOE runs and can access)
  3. A new window will pop up asking you to retype the phrase shown for verification.  Do this and click the button below.
  4. Log-in to your personal email inbox.  There will be an e-mail from Feedburner Email Subscriptions.  Open the email and click on the link provided to accept the subscription.
  5. Sign-up complete!  Whenever I update the news page on our site you will receive an email letting you know that the site has been updated and that you should check it.

*I am the moderator for the email subscription service as well so I can assure you that your personal email is not going anywhere except onto a list of members to be informed when the site is updated.