Bergenfield Education Association

Common Abreviations

BCEA Glossary

ADP = Automatic Payroll Deduction

BCEA = Bergen County Education Association

BCPDC = Bergen County Professional Development Committee

CBC = Coordinated Bargaining Council

CCT = Congressional Contact Team

CPC = County Presidents’ Council

DA = Delegate Assembly (NJEA)

ESP = Educational Support Professionals

GR = Government Relations

IPD = Instructional and Professional Development

LAT = Legislative Action Team

NCUEA = National Council of Urban Educators Association

NEA = National Education Association

NJEA = New Jersey Education Association

NJPTSB = New Jersey Professional Teaching Standards Board

PAC = Political Action Committee

PDII = Professional Development

PERC = Public Employees Relations Committee

PERS = Public Employee Retirement System

RA = Representative Assembly (NEA)

TP & AF = Teachers’ Pension and Annuity Fund

ULP = Unfair Labor Practice