Bergenfield Education Association


P.R.I.D.E. Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the P.R.I.D.E. Committee is to take advantage of funds available through NJEA which can be utilized to strengthen our association’s relationship with the community of Bergenfield.
Status: Active
Committee Chair: Lucia Budhai

Action Committee

Purpose: The action committee is usually only active during contract negotiations.  The purpose of the action committee is to keep us unified and moving forward to reach our goal of a fair and equatable settlement.  The Action Committee has its own page under the Members tab which is dedicated to keeping you informed of their decisions.
Status: Active
Committee Chair: Chris Romeo

Evaluation Committee

Purpose: The evaluation committee’s job is to help keep membership informed about proper evaluation procedure and legislation.  In addition they serve as a problem solving entity for any evaluation that a member wishes to challenge or dispute.  The number one thing they always want you to remember: IF YOU ARE DISATISFIED WITH AN EVALUATION, WHEN ASKED TO SIGN THE COVER SHEET, BENEATH YOUR NAME WRITE SEE ATTACHED AND WRITE A REBUTTAL!  This is a crucial first step in protecting yourself from possible punitive consequences down the road as a result of this evaluation.  If you are uncertain how to write a rebuttal they will be happy to provide some guidance for you.
Status: Active
Committee Chairs: Open!

Election Committee

Purpose: The election committee organizes and runs our official BEA Elections which take place several times a year.
Status: Active
Committee Chair: Amy Merlo

Elementary Committee

Purpose: The elementary committee’s main focus is on trying to establish and maintain uniformity amongst the five elementary schools.
Status: Active
Committee Chair: Kristina Katsalidas & Fran Talarico

Negotiations Committee

Purpose: The negotiations committee’s purpose is to collect data and prepare our association proposal prior to the contract negotiation period.  The negotiating team members will be selected from within this committee.  The Negotiations Update page under the Members tab contains further information about the Negotiating Team and how the current negotiations process is going.
Status: Active
Committee Chair: Nick Fernandez

Budget Committee

Purpose: The Budget Committee’s purpose is to keep the BEA fiscally responsible and make sure all financial records are up to date and in order.
Status: Active
Committee Chair: 


Membership Committee

Purpose: The membership committee keeps track of our membership database and the records of our current members.
Status: Active
Committee Chair: Tracy Jerue

Legislative Committee

Purpose: The legislative committee keeps our association informed of important policy changes that might affect us as a state and national level.  They obtain this information by attending several informative sessions over the course of each school year.
Status: Active
Committee Chair: Chris Romeo

Grievance Committee

Purpose: The grievance committee focuses primarily on contract language enforcement.  If a member has an issue and feels like the contract language is being taken out of context they can report it to the grievance committee for investigation.  If the committee finds that the language is indeed being misinterpreted then they will file an official grievance.
Status: Active
Committee Chair: Open!

Public Relations Committee

Purpose: The public relations committee is responsible for creating positive PR for the Association with the local community.  This committee works closely with the P.R.I.D.E. committee.
Status: Not Active
Committee Chair: Open!

Social Committee

Purpose: The social committee works to plan social events outside of the Bergenfield Schools for our Association to interact, relax, and strengthen our bond.
Status: Active
Committee Chair: Lucia Budhai

Health and Safety Committee

Purpose: The health and safety committee is training in state and national laws pertaining to workplace safety.  Their job is inspect our facilities and make sure everything is being kept up to code.  If any issues or problems are found, it is there job to create a report to be given to the board of education.
Status: Not Active
Committee Chair: Open!