Bergenfield Education Association

Board of Ed Meeting 11/25 & Updates

Board Meeting Monday 11/25

The next board meeting is scheduled to take place on Monday 11/25 at 8pm in the High School Cafeteria.  Please make every effort to attend and remember to wear your new BEA T-shirt and buttons!  T-Shirts and buttons should be distributed at your schools on either Friday or Monday (if they haven’t been already).  


NJEA recently sent some updated information about evaluations to Fred.  It can be found here on our evaluations page.  If addition we are looking to form a new BEA evaluations committee.  This team of people will be trained in the new evaluation laws and will help teachers navigate this complicated process.  We are hoping to have at least one representative from each building on this committee.  It is important that different disciplines are also represented, as an observation in an Art or Music class could be very different from an observation in an English or Math class.  If you are interested in being a part of this committee, or just learning more about it, please let your building rep know.

Maternity & FMLA Info

Can be located here on the new Maternity and FMLA page under the resources tab of the site.

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