Bergenfield Education Association

Updates 10/11

Upcoming State Election

The election this fall is one of the most important upcoming events for the NJEA.  Visit our Issues and Actions page for endorsed candidates and actions you can take to help out.  There is an excellent video produced by the NJEA about why it is so important that we care about this upcoming election.  There is a link for it right beneath the endorsed candidates posters.

PD Opportunities

Interested in professional development through the BCEA?  Click Here to visit our PD page and see what is available to you.

BEA New Members Gathering

Within your first three years of membership in the BEA?  Then consider checking out this upcoming event!

Committee & Payroll Abbreviations

Click Here to decode the alphabet soup of committees that make up the NJEA and more.

NJEA Teacher’s Convention

Planning on attending the state teacher’s convention in November?  Click Here for more information on the event and to find out where the BCEA Hospitality room will be located.

The next BOE Meeting is scheduled for Monday 10/28.  Remember to mark your calenders!

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